20160102-_KGS9118-EditThank you for visiting my site. Towards the end of 2014, I decided to rekindle my interest in photography and to further develop my skills. This site aims to document my progress as a developing photographer focusing on becoming a photo artist.

Creative pursuits have always had a place in my life – just their priority has varied at different times. With my key strength being numbers, I focused on a business career with my creative outlets being my hobbies.

My first camera was a Kodak Box Brownie which I received in my early teens. The photos were in black and white and mainly of family. As we didn’t have a lot of money, this restricted my output due to the cost of film and processing/printing.

Also during my teens I had a strong interest in song writing. I received a few guitar lessons but struggled to have the discipline to develop the techniques that would make my playing good. Instead, I was drawn to writing lyrics or poems that I dreamed of one day putting to music.

Around 1980 I bought my first SLR camera and 3 lenses. The lenses were 28mm wide angle, 50mm prime and 70-200mm zoom with none of them having auto focus. The camera body was a Minolta and the lenses were Sigma as I couldn’t afford the Minolta branded ones. I also bought a few books on photography to learn how to take better pictures.

20150618-KGS_1928v3In 1982, I was fortunate to visit New York and my camera recorded the event. When I returned to Australia, I had the films developed and printed. I was so pleased with a couple of the photos that I had them enlarged and hung them on my wall at home.

While I did play around a bit to learn new skills and techniques, the cost of developing and printing meant that I needed to prioritize where I spent my money. I trialled one or two 1600 ASA (ISO) films and got a couple of nice candid portrait shots of family members. However, upgrading my hi-fi system and buying music LPs was more my focus and this was where my money mainly was spent.

Also during this period was the beginning of the digital revolution. The PC arrived in the workplace and audio was moving to digital via CDs. In those days I could have been regarded as an early adopter. CDs became my music source of choice and I was one of the few who owned a PC. While I still enjoyed photography, it was a hard battle to find the money to pursue it.

By the year 2000, the demands of my career progression meant that my work life balance was out of kilter. To address this, I started in a lesser job and for my hobby activity I decided to learn piano, music theory and music composition. Learning piano as an adult is not easy. I lost interest after about 8 years due to ongoing issues with my shoulders which impacted on my ability to play.

I am not sure of exactly when but maybe the year 2012, my brother mentioned that he had joined a camera club and described the benefits. He also had an interest in photography for many years. I tucked away this information in the back of my brain as a possible option for retirement.

20160102-_KGS9183-EditBy now, the trusty old SLR was hardly ever used and digital cameras were all the rage from cameras in mobile phones to cheap point and shoot camera models. I discovered that Marie, my wife, enjoyed taking photos with her small digital camera. I had learned some basics of Photoshop to modify graphics for some web sites I had built.

In 2014, Marie and I were looking for a hobby we could do together. Somewhere in the back of my mind I recalled what my brother said about camera clubs. I did some research and suggested to Marie that we join the Brisbane Camera Group to see whether this appealed and could be our new hobby.

January 2015 saw us complete our registration forms and pay our membership fees. This site is my side of the story about the development of my refreshed interest in photography and the journey I am currently on to become a photo artist.

I hope you enjoy your visit and see some photos that appeal to you.

Best wishes,
Kevin Sinclair
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.




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