Camera Club Update

Camera Club Update

Marie and I are also members of the Masters Apprentices Camera Club. For the first time since being a member, I submitted my homework. This month the topic was your best images. I chose to have as the criteriFeb_Sinclair_K_1_Nannaa for best images being those that have a very strong emotional appeal for me that I have taken.

The first image is of my Nanna and it was taken on a film SLR with a 1600 ISO film so I didn’t need to use flFeb_Sinclair_K_2_Dadash. My Nanna had limited eye sight at this stage of her life and didn’t know that her picture was being taken. She was well into 90’s and her mind was still sharp even though she had physical limitations. This image became a family favorite.

The next image is of my father. He was fooling around with a yellow cap. I managed to capture him in a candid moment again on a SLR with 1600 ISO film and without a flash. Everyone in the family loved this image.

Feb_Sinclair_K_3_MarieThe third image I submitted was of Marie, my wife. This image was taken in Hawaii in 1987 – approximately 3 months after we had first met. I have liked this image so much that it is on my bedside table and has been there almost 30 years now. This was taken on a SLR camera and was not posed at all – just a candid shot.

While I have many images that have strong emotional appeal, these 3 are the ones I chose for this exercise. Other pictures I have taken with my immediate family and my nieces and nephews also have strong emotional appeal but I could only choose three.

The first Brisbane Camera Group monthly competition topic is “creative”. I am working on some images for this and will share them once I have had the judges feedback. Marie and I both started in Brisbane Camera Group last year as B Grade members. This year we have been elevated to AB Grade so the competition becomes more difficult. That’s okay, creates a greater challenge to keep on improving and growing.


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