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Print and Mat, Print and Mat

During the month Marie and I attended a natural light portrait photography workshop run by Ash Kashyap and the model was Helena Schutt. Portraits in natural light can be quite tricky and it is important not to have the model in direct sunlight otherwise there will be skin blow outs. Also, having the model too far into shadow can lead to flat images. Both Marie and I really enjoyed photographing Helena and we came away with some images we were very happy with. Here is a small selection of images I created at the workshop:



Each month at the Brisbane Camera Group Speakers Night, there is a digital show of images submitted by members. This show enables members to submit images they have been working on and share them with their fellow members without being critiqued or judged. For the show on 8 October, I submitted the following images:








The monthly competition topic was “Old Things” – images where the central feature is an object or objects that is old. It is not necessary to be antique. I entered one image in the Digital Projected Image section. The judging was conducted last Monday night and my image was an acceptance only. The judge said the background distracted from the subject. On reflection, I can appreciate what he said and it reminds me I need to pay more attention to all the detail in my images. Here is the image I submitted:

The rest of the month was spent on preparing and printing images for my entry into the Club’s annual competition. A maximum of 24 images can be submitted over 6 categories. My entry is 23 images. The categories are Pictorial Colour, Pictorial Monochrome, People, Creative/Experimental, Social Documentary/Photo Journalism and Nature. Nature was my weakest area and I only submitted 3 of a possible 4 images. Judging of the print entries will be conducted on Sunday 4 November 2018 so I should have an idea of how my images performed after that.

Our Print Project Challenge is also due for submission by 4 November 2018. I have my 6 images almost ready but need to do further work to fix a few issues before they go to print. All Brisbane Camera Group members participating in this activity will have their images exhibited in The Maud Street Photo Gallery. Opening night will be 16 November and the exhibition will finish on Sunday evening 18 November. It is always a proud moment to have your images on the wall of a gallery – especially Brisbane’s number 1 photography gallery.

Until next time, keep on making images!

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The Long Weekend and Image Preparation

Since my last post, Marie and I haven’t attended any workshops. We spent a “long weekend” at Noosaville on the Noosa River and a highlight was a boat trip through the Noosa Everglades. The waters are like a mirror and everything is reflected in detail. I have been posting some images from the weekend on Instagram. Here is a selection of them:



Each month at the BCG Speakers Night, there is a digital show of images submitted by members. These images don’t have to be competition quality. They are meant to be a reflection of current work. For the show on 10 September, I submitted the following images:


Me and My Girls

Night Lights on the River



Apart from our little break, this period has been quite busy. I have been preparing for the Brisbane Camera Group AGM which was held on 10 September as well as attending to a number of action items from the recent Committee meetings of the Club. Also, I have continued selecting images for possible entry to the BCG Annual Competition.

My Print Project Challenge has been developing slowly and further progress has been made. I need to create a maximum of 6 images for my entry. I now have 2 images that are well developed and 3 that a partially developed and 1 that is still back at the beginning stage. I still have time on my side but need to be careful that it doesn’t run out too quickly.

The BCG Monthly Competition wasn’t high on my list this month. As a result, I didn’t enter any images. It was more important for me to progress my Annual Competition and Print Project Challenge entries. In conclusion, here are a couple of images being considered for entry in the Annual Competition:



Until the next post, keep on clicking!

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Where has the Year Gone?

Since the last post, Marie and I have both had the dreaded lurgy which has interfered with getting out and about taking images. Also, I have used time around the house to catch on some chores and trip planning that I had allowed to slip. Procrastination is sometimes my too familiar friend.

It was also a useful time to reflect on my Print Project Challenge entry and the time remaining until submission. I was shocked to realise that so much of the year has flown by with not enough progress having been made. I thought about withdrawing but the more I thought about this option, the more I knew I couldn’t do it.

A few days ago, I had a moment of “inspiration”. I decided to keep my story line but to change the images representing each stage of the story. The images would be less complicated to produce and hopefully will be more “conceptual” in nature. I think this will help me achieve the deadline and maybe end up with a better entry than originally envisaged.

Yesterday was the deadline for submission of images to the Brisbane Camera Group monthly competition. I had not prepared anything so this month I am not competing. However, I did submit some images to the “image show” that was played at the start of our Presenters Meeting last night. The images were a mix of more recent and older but all from this year. They were as follows:

Blooming Garden

Coffee and Text

Follow the Leader

Let the Bells Ring

Rest After Shopping Done


With Marie attending a photography workshop on Saturday, I am hoping to use that time to take a number of images for my Print Project Challenge entry. All being well, the bulk of images will then have been taken leaving it up to me to do my compositing in Photoshop and working with various effects to tell my story. This hopefully leaves me time to do a test print to ensure that are working out as planned.

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Digital Show Images Submitted

On Saturday Marie and I attended a short photo outing with the theme of Travel Photography run by Photoh. We spent time walking around parts of Southbank and then into the Brisbane CBD. As with most photo outings, there is always something to learn or be reminded of. I submitted three of the images I took during this event to the Brisbane Camera Group Digital Image show which was shown at the club meeting last night.

Here are the images:

Accident 1

This image resulted from me failing to change my camera settings back to normal after doing some project work the previous weekend. I have put the shutter on timer and failed to put it back to normal. Initially I thought my camera was playing up as it wasn’t responding when I pressed the shutter. Once I realised that it was in fact taking pictures I remembered that I had set the timer and then adjusted my settings. This images has had effects applied in Photoshop as well.

Queen of the Castle

This woman had made a number of attempts to climb onto the top of this letter. Once she was sitting on top I took the shot.

See Me Jump

This guy in the yellow suit jumped from letter to letter and I captured a number of images as he moved from one end to the other. This one is possibly the best action one out of the series.

Singing in the Mall

This image was taken within the last couple of weeks. Marie and I were working the Mall looking for images for the monthly competition. I was attracted to this image as the singer was wearing her national costume and the singing was largely A cappella.


Entries in the monthly competition had to be submitted by last night. I decided not to participate this month as I had no suitable images on the set subject and I hadn’t done sufficient work on any current images to submit them in the open category.

The previous Sunday I had started doing some test shots for my entry in the BCG Print Project Challenge. I then used these images to play around with some concepts in Photoshop involving blending of images. Ideas are still being formed and will require further testing to see if they will work.

I am looking forward to next Saturday when Marie and I will be attending a workshop on “Shoot to Print”. I am sure I will learn a great deal from this and it will help when I come to do the actual prints for my entry into the Print Project Challenge.

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